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Máy sạc Gas A/Ccellence 3000 OEM

OEM-specific software with cooling-agent feed on high-pressure side Multilingual menu with illuminated graphic display Automatic oil recovery and oil injection (patented container) Robust steel housing in OEM corporate design

Fully automatic air conditioning service unit with dye-injection: all steps are automatically proceeded.
Patented storage of oil and refriegerant (hermetic).
Data transfer to the workshop computer.
Pipe connection instaed of hoses inside the air conditioning.
Easy and comfortable menu in 10 languages with intelligent diagnostic function. Display of each step.
Automatically calibration for an accurate measuement of the volume.
No remainder in the hoses, therefore the air conditioning is always empty of refrigerant.
Automatical discharge of non condensable gases.

Technical Data
Refrigerant: R134a
Charging accuracy (R134a): ± 10g
Charging accuracy (new oil): ± 1g
Vacuum pump displacement: 72l/min (2.5cfm)
Final partial pressure: 0.05mbar
Recovery performance: 500g/min
Refrigerant cylinder capacity: 28kg
Operating temperature: 10-49°C
Hose length: 2,5m
Weight: 70kg
Dimensions: 420x610x1130mm

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