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Máy ra vào lốp MS 65 OR.RAC

yre changer for passenger car, light commercial vehicle and motorcycle tyres up to 26" rim diameter Tyres up to 14" width especially applicable for RFTs Flexibility through two speeds


Powerful, precise, convenient, rapid up to 26" diameter and 14" width!

What about more diameter? We recommend the
MS 65 OR-RAC. The MS 65 OR-RAC is the ideal tyre
fitting machine for all commercial run-flat tyres and
wheels up to 14" width and 26" of rim diameter.
No need to do without speed and equipment for
"normal" daily routines.

Your increase in turnover
is pre-programmed

Performance features:
height adjustable mounting column via switch for extra wide rims (Racining position)
Integrated bead breaker, that can be adjusted to 3 various opening angles, the bead breaker itself can be adjusted to 3 different lengths, rubber blocks are situated on the side of the machine to protect light alloy wheels.
Integrated roller bed for easy positioning of wheel when breaking bead
Pneumatic 4-jaw clamping system allows external clamping up to max. 20 “, thi s can be increased to 22, 24“ and 26“ via plug in adapters.
Electrical 2 speed forward and reverse mounting table
Pneumatic tilting mounting column for wheel widths of up to max. 14”.
Modified mounting head for damage free work on Aluminium wheels with spoke designs that protrude from wheel.
Pneumatic fixation of the mounting head with automatic safety positioning in the horizontal and vertical planes
Problem free tyre mounting/demounting with help of the pneumatic adjustable Tecnoroller help arm, with 2 integrated Pneumatic cylinders (increases the pressure 2 fold, especially important for Off road wheels and Run flat tyres).
Pneumatically tilted fitting arm
Integral pneumatic bead breaker
Pneumatic four-jaw clamping
Electric forward and reverse drive
Pneumatic release of the fitting tool
Rapid inflation by inflating hose (optional)
1 Centring flange as special mounting (optional)
Paint finish: Blue 5015/ dark grey 7011

External clamping on 10′′ to 26′′ rims
The fitting column is raised pneumatically for 14" wide wheels at the touch of a button
Convenient and secure operation of extremely hard tyres thanks to Tecnoroller and highperformance
Flexibility and security through two speeds
Short setup times by pneumatic tilting fitting column and pneumatic locking of mounting head
Pneumatic rim release ensures gentle handling of the rim
New designed square rotary table together with roller bed allows easy bead breaking on large tyres
Comfortable bead breaker adjustment for large off-rooad wheels
Pax-Kit and rapid inflation through inflating hose retrofittable

Technical Data
Outside rim clamping [“] 10 – 26
Inside rim clamping [“] 12 – 28
Motorcycle wheels [“] 15 – 24
Rim width [“] 3 – 14
Max. wheel diameter [mm] 1000
Working pressure pneumatic [bar] 8-12
Bead breaking force at the cylinder at 12 bar pressure [kp] 2500
Three-phase electric power supply [V]/[Hz] (non-standard voltages on request) 3 x 400/50-60
Motor performance [kW] 0,9/1,25
Clamping table speed [rpm] 8/4
Machine dimensions [mm] height/width/depth 1900/760/950
Operating space requirement [mm] Breite/Tiefe 1500/2000
Weight [kg] 277

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